Fee Schedule

Adoptions - Filing Petition$105
Amendment of Parenting Plan - Contested Only (Does Not Apply to Cases Dealing with Child Support Only)$120
Appeal from Lower Court$30
Appeal from District Court to Supreme Court - Cost of Mailing Case to Supreme Court Can Also Be Required$5
Appearance - for the Appearance of Each Defendant or Each Respondent$70
Authentication/Exemplification - for Authenticated or Exemplified Copies for out of State Jurisdictions$6
Certification - for Certification with a Seal$2
Civil Commencement of Action - for Each Action or Proceeding from the Plaintiff, Petitioner, or Appellant (Includes Invalidity)$120
Copy of Decree of Dissolution - for Each Copy of a Decree (Separately Filed Parenting Plans or Property Settlement Agreements Not Included) (Does Not Include Certification)$10
Copy of Marriage License - for Each Copy of a Marriage License (Does Not Include Certification)$5
Copies of Other Documents
$1 Per Page for First Ten Pages, $0.50 Per Page Thereafter
Declaration of Marriage - for Filing and Recording the Declaration$53
Dissolution Commencement of Action - for Filing Petition (Includes Summary and Joint Dissolution)$200
Executions/Writs of Assistance/Orders of Sale - for Issuance$5
Foreign Capital Depository Judgment - for Filing the Judgment$2,500
Foreign Judgment - for Filing Authenticated Copy and Docketing (No Cost for Registering out of State Custody Decrees and Support Orders, 40-5-173, MCA)$90
Foreign Probate - with Certificate$85
Intervention Complaint - for Filing a Complaint in Intervention$80
Judgments - for Entry of Judgment from Prevailing Party$50
Legal Separation Commencement of Action - for Filing Petition$180
Marriage License Issuance - for Issuing, Filing and Recording Marriage$53
Notarization/Oath and Jurat - for Each Notarization with Court Seal$1
Probate/Guardianship/Conservatorship Commencement of Action - for Filing Formal/Informal or Ancillary Petition$100
Process Server Registration - for Registration$100
$2 Per Name Per Year up to 7 Years, $1 Per Name Thereafter (No Maximum Charge Limit)
Substitution of Judge - for Each Motion Filed (Not in Criminal Cases)$100
Transcript/Abstract of Judgment
$4.00 for preparation of a transcript, $45.00 for filing a transcript from another jurisdiction
Transmission of Record or Files or Transfer of a Case to Another Court (Includes Removals to Federal District Court and Forwarding Appeals to Supreme Court)$5
Venue Change
$10 for Filing from Another District Court (Incoming), $5 for Sending File to Another Jurisdiction (Outgoing)