Board of Health


  • 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
  • 1st Wednesday of every month
  • During the pandemic, Board of Health meetings are being held virtually on Zoom. You can find Zoom login information for each meeting on the County Events Calendar


The Board consists of seven members:  

  • The Mayor of the City of Great Falls or a representative
  • One Cascade County Commissioner to be appointed by the County Commissioners
  • One interested citizen appointed by the Cascade County Commission.
  • One interested citizen appointed by the City of Great Falls Commission
  • One licensed doctor of dentistry residing in Cascade County
  • One licensed doctor of medicine residing in Cascade County
  • The Superintendent of School District Number 1 or a representative

Board Member


Term of Office

Owen Robinson, Chair

City Commissioner

01/2018 – Present

Matt Martin, DDS, Vice-Chair

4th District Dental Association

01/2014 (1st term)
01/2017 (2nd Term)
 01/2020 (3rd Term)

Ray Geyer, DO

Cascade County Medical Society

02/2013 (1st Term)
02/2016 (2nd Term)
 02/2019 (3rd  Term)

Terry Barber

County Representative

01/2017 (1st term)
 01/2020 (2nd Term)

Amanda Ball 

City Representative

05/2019 (1st Term)

Tom Moore

School District Number #1 Representative

07/2019 – Present

Joe Briggs

County Commissioner

02/2021 – Present



The Board of Health is primarily responsible for the management and oversight of the public health systems as administered by the City-County Health Department (CCHD). Established by MCA § 50-2-106, the Board of Health is the governing body for the operations of the City-County Health Department.