Military & Overseas Electors

Military and Overseas electors may register to vote electronically up to 8:00 pm (MDT) on election night, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.  Please logon to, scroll down to Military & Overseas and follow the directions.

Federal Post Card Application

A Federal Post Card Application is good for every election that is held in the year that it is received, plus the next 2 regularly scheduled Federal Elections. Please be sure to contact your Election Department whenever there is a change of address.

Fax Voting

A service that is sure to prove invaluable to those electors who are in areas where the mail delivery is uncertain or takes a great amount of time is fax voting. We can only fax a ballot at the request of the elector. You need to be aware that you will be giving up your right to privacy by fax voting. When you fax your voted ballot back, a special absentee board will transfer your vote to our ballot stock and place the ballot in a secrecy envelope. Our fax machine is secured in our office and only the Election Staff have keys to get into the office, so your faxed ballot will remain very secure.