The Cascade County Planning Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the County's:

  • Building for Lease or Rent Regulations
  • Fireworks Permits
  • Floodplain Regulations
  • Growth Policy
  • Location/Conformance permits
  • Overall Land Use Management for the County
  • State of Montana Subdivision and Platting Act
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Zoning Regulations

In addition, the Planning Department oversees road abandonments, conflicts, and questions regarding land use and land use regulations, community decay investigation and enforcements, junk vehicle removal and disposal, as well as administration of the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Planning & Development

If you plan on building or developing land in Cascade County but outside the City of Great Falls, the incorporated towns of Belt, Cascade, or Neihart, please contact this office concerning any applications and regulations that may need to be adhered to prior to any development. 

Regulations and permit applications are available. You can visit the Planning staff at the Planning Department's office. If you would like to meet with office staff to discuss an application or receive direct assistance from a planner or the mapping technician, please schedule an appointment. 


The Planning Department currently consists of:

  • Planning Director
  • Three Planners
  • Code Compliance Officer
  • Mapping Technician
  • Administrative Assistant

The Map Room

The Map Room has moved to the Clerk & Recorder's Office effective April 29, 2022.