Forms & Permit Applications

This page contains permit applications, forms, as well as some tools and instructions for a few of the permits listed. Land use fees were revised on July 12, 2022, by Resolution #22-46 and adopted the following Fee Schedule.

Online Forms:

Click on the links below to fill & submit a form online on our website.

  • Submit Planning & GIS Department Form(s) Online
  • Citizen Complaint Form
  • Public Comment Form
    • This form is for providing public comment to the Cascade County Planning & GIS Department for review by any one or more of the following review and/or approval boards: Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBOA), Planning Board, or Board of County Commissioners. Only completed submissions will be included for board review. 
  • Planning & GIS Department's Determination Request Form
    • This form is for requesting a determination from the Planning & GIS Department, such as whether a piece of land could be subdivided, built upon, or even if a potential business plan could work on a particular piece of land.
  • Planning & GIS Department's Public Document Copy/Inspection Request
    • Request public documents or request to inspect public documentation at the Planning & GIS Department. For any recorded document(s), such as Plats, Certificates of Surveys, etc., please contact the Clerk and Recorders Office at (406)454-6801. The Planning Department can only provide copies of documents within our possession.


Downloadable PDF Forms & Permit Applications:

Click on the buttons below to navigate through various categories of downloadable PDF forms & permit applications.  Once you find the category of downloadable PDF forms & permit applications that you need; you can click on the form's link to open it and download it. Also, visit our FAQ section to see our responses to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Land Use & Zoning Forms

Process/Permit Type


& Additional information 

Location/Conformance Permit (L/C Permit)

This is required for all proposed buildings, structures, signs, land uses, and changes in land use within the Zoning Jurisdictional Area except where exempted under Section 9.2.3. A separate Location/Conformance Permit shall be issued for each tract of land and for each distinct use in a project proposal. 

Special Use Permit (SUP Permit)

 This is required for uses in which conformance to additional standards will be required due to characteristics that are unique and special to the use. SUPs are to be issued for one specific use and are required for each tract of land.

Home Occupation

This permit is required for any occupation, profession, enterprise, or similar activity that is conducted on the premises of a single-family residence as an accessory use and that would be compatible in size and scope in an urban residential setting; the term does not include hobbies or similar non-commercial activities or any activity that would meet the definition of heavy industry. Please see Cascade County Zoning Regulations 8.16.

Building for Lease or Rent

This permit is required for building(s) lease or rent on a single tract of record.


This is defined in Cascade County Zoning Regulations as "a request to the Zoning Board of Adjustment to rescind or modify a decision or determination made by the Zoning Administrator. An appeal may also consist of a petition filed with a court of record to hear a determination of the Zoning Board of Adjustment or the Board of County Commissioners."


This is defined in Cascade County Zoning Regulations as "[...] a relaxation of the terms of these regulations where such variance will not be contrary to the public interest and where, owing to conditions peculiar to the property and not the result of the actions of the Applicant, a literal enforcement of the regulations would result in unnecessary and undue hardship. As used in these regulations, a variance is authorized only for height, area, and size of structure, size of yards and open spaces, signage, landscaping, or as otherwise specifically provided for in these regulations. Establishment or expansion of a use otherwise prohibited shall not be allowed by variance, nor shall a variance be granted because of the presence of non-conformities in the zoning district or adjoining zoning districts."

Zone Change

This is required anytime a property owner wants to use their property in a manner that is not consistent with their current zoning designation.

Rural Special Improvement District

The purpose of a Rural Special Improvement District is to provide citizen funding for improvements and maintenance of pre-existing improvements including, but not limited, to streets (dedicated and accepted not less than 5 years previous), ditches, bridges, culverts, curbs, gutters, sewers, and waterworks which benefit a particular segment of the community.

Unclassified Use Permit

This is defined in Cascade County Zoning Regulations as "A permit issued to an Applicant by the Cascade County Planning Department after approval from the Zoning Board of Adjustment allowing a particular use, structure or activity not allowed as a matter of right regardless of the underlying zoning district"