Road & Bridge

Road MachineryResponsibilities

The Road and Bridge Division is responsible for maintaining county roads and bridges. Within the division, the employees cover many aspects of the roads and bridges including:

  • Build (or Remove) Snow Fences
  • Change out Signing
  • Clearing Roads of Snow
  • Debris Clean-up
  • Re-Gravel Roads
  • Repair Any Damage to County Property

It also regularly conducts road inspections and, when necessary, responds to emergency situations, including emergency snow removal, water on roadways, and fallen trees.


The Division is made up of 25 employees: One Division Superintendent, five Teamsters and 15 Operators.

  1. Maintenance Service
  1. County Road & Bridge Repair & Maintenance

    Physical Address
    279 Vaughn S Frontage Road
    Great Falls, MT 59404


    Fax: 406-454-6910