Daycares, Community Group Homes, & Schools

Childcare facilities and community homes for persons with disabilities are regulated by the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) and Quality Assurance Division (QAD).

  1. Daycare
  2. Group Homes
  3. Schools

Childcare centers provide care for thirteen or more children on a regular basis. These facilities are licensed by QAD and annually inspected by a Registered Sanitarian (RS) from City-County Health Department's (CCHD) Environmental Health Division (EH).

New Centers

New childcare centers must go through plan review and be approved by EH before they can be licensed. A plan review application must be filled out and submitted, along with a $100 plan review fee, before any new construction or remodel of an existing building takes place.

Failure to submit the city and county plan review application plans before construction or remodel may lead to costly mistakes; QAD will not license a new facility without approval from EH. EH should also be contacted before any major remodel or change of ownership to determine if a plan review and/or inspection is necessary.


For additional information on childcare center inspections or plan reviews, call CCHD Environmental Health Division at 406-454-6950.

Group & Family Daycares

Group Daycares (7 to 12 children) and Family Daycares (3 to 6 children) must be registered as a daycare facility through QAD, but they are not inspected by a Registered Sanitarian.

For Child Care Licensing/Registration information in Cascade County, please contact our local QAD Child Care Licensor.


For additional information about licensing and daycare regulations, you can call QAD Child Care Licensing at 406-444-2012.