Zoning Information

Cascade County has several different zoning districts throughout the county. Depending on what zoning district a parcel is located, land use standards and requirements will differ.  The first step in determining what land uses will be allowed on a parcel and what type of zoning permits will be required, is finding what zoning district a parcel is in.

Zoning Maps

The Planning & G.I.S. Department has launched a new interactive GIS map that improves user function and allows property owners, potential property buyers, real estate agents, and developers to easily check property zoning, floodplain, and Military Height Overlay Districts within the county from anywhere!

Check out the Cascade County Interactive GIS Mapping Application.

Instructions to use the Cascade County Interactive GIS Mapping Application:

  • Insert an address or place into the search bar.
  • Selected any parcel to view the property information.
  • Layers can be selected using the "Layer List" located in the top, fair right of the toolbar.
  • Basemaps can be changed using the "Basemap Gallery" icon directly below the search bar.
  • Print a map by selecting the "Print" icon directly below the search bar.  A map title can be created along with the desired layout and format.

If you are interested in viewing the zoning maps below, simply click on the desired map.

Cascade County Zoning Map (Full Extent)

2020 Cascade County Zoning, Exhibit A-1

Black Eagle

2020 Cascade County Zoning Map, Exhibit A-4

Cascade County Zoning Map (Enhanced Focus)

2020 Cascade County  Zoning Map, Exhibit A-2

Unincorporated Communities

2020 Cascade County Zoning Map, Exhibit A-3

Background for the County Development Plan & Zoning Regulations

In the late 1970s, the Cascade County Development Plan was adopted by the Cascade County Commissioners. The development plan labeled all land within Cascade County, that was not part of an incorporated City or Town, City-County Jurisdictional Area, or other created Zoning District, as residential/agricultural zoned land.  In 2007, Cascade County adopted Zoning Regulations. With updates throughout these past years, our permitting systems have reflected these changes. 

Contact the Cascade County Planning & G.I.S. Department for the application and permitting process details and for any other information regarding change of use on parcels within the county. Please review the Cascade County Zoning Regulations for descriptions of the different zoning districts within Cascade County. Regulations governing these areas within Cascade County, as well as a map of the various districts, are available on this website as well as in our office. Please contact the Cascade County Planning & G.I.S. Department with any questions you have for these areas.