Licensing and Plan Review 

  1. Retail Food
  2. Food Trucks
  3. Temporary Events
  4. Cottage Food
  5. Wholesale Food

Retail Food Establishments (RFE) prepare, serve, or vend food directly to the consumer. Some examples of RFE are Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Catering Kitchens, Ghost Kitchens, Food Banks, and Soup Kitchens.  RFE must go through the plan review process and get licensed before they can operate.  Refer to the FAQ on the right for additional information and criteria for license exemption.

RFE Plan Review Application

RFE Limited Plan Review Application - This application is only for establishments that will be operating out of a facility that already has a current license (e.g., rent time and space to operate).  Do not use if you are remodeling, adding equipment, or the facility was licensed prior to 2015. 

Food Service Fee Schedule - includes description of risk categories

Licensing Step-by-Step

Below are simple step-by-step instructions intended to help guide you through the plan review and licensing process.  Find detailed information on the steps in the FAQ.

  1. Obtain Plan Review Application.  
  2. Contact Building and Safety Officials.  
  3. Complete Plan Review Application.  Complete all questions/sections and prepare items that need to be submitted with the application. 
    • Prepare Proposed Menu.
    • Prepare Floor Plans.   
    • Obtain Equipment Specification Sheets (Spec Sheets).  
  4. Submit Application, Plan Review Fee, and all Required Documents to CCHD.  Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to construction and/or anticipated opening date.
  5. Wait for Approval Letter or Letter Requesting Additional Information.   We make every effort to respond within 30 days of receiving the application.
  6. Complete construction.  Establishment must be constructed as specified in the approved plan.   Any changes must be submitted in writing for approval.
  7. Request inspection by building and safety officials.  Should have approval from these agencies before scheduling preopening with REHS
  8. Schedule the Preopening Inspection.   Make sure all equipment, plumbing, and ventilation is properly installed and operating before inspection.    
  9. Complete State License Application and Pay Annual License Fee.  Upon successful completion of the preopening inspection, the REHS will collect the annual license fee and provide a copy of the approved license application.  
  10. Post Your License.  You will receive your license in 4-6 weeks.  Post your signed license application until you receive your official license.