Safe Kids Cascade County

A Parents Promise ChecklistThe Safe Kids Cascade County coalition works to prevent unintentional injury and death. Our main focus is on occupant protection, including the proper use of car seats and seat belts.

Coalition members include representatives from the school district, health care, law enforcement, businesses and other community agencies and members. The coalition meets quarterly. If you are interested in joining the coalition or learning more, please call Mary Kay at 406-454-5072.

Cascade County Statistics


  • Total number of motor vehicle crashes: 4604
  • Total number of motor vehicle crashes - serious injury: 34
  • Total number of motor vehicle crashes - fatalities: 12 - (8 not wearing seat belts)


  • Total number of motor vehicle crashes: 4598
  • Total number of motor vehicle crashes- serious injury: 29
  • Total number of motor vehicle crashes - fatalities: 9 - (6 not wearing seat belts)

Although observed safety belt use in Montana is just under 80%, if between 87% and 94% of Montanans used seat belts, it is estimated that an additional 20 to 30 lives would be saved each year. That number increases to 75 additional lives if seat belt use were 100%. It's simple: increased seat belt use results in fewer injuries and deaths.

Car Seat Safety Laws

By law, in Montana all children up to 6 years old and up to 60 pounds have to use a car seat or booster seat. Larger children should also be in boosters until they are around 4 feet 9 inches tall. At times, there may be car seats and booster seats available for free or reduced cost. Call Mary Kay at 406-454-5072 for more information.

Helpful Resources

Become a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician today. Trainings are available, find out more at the National CPS Certification website or call 406-454-5072 for more information.