-Patrol Division: Generally responsible for the day to day law enforcement operations such as: patrol, emergency response, court security, patrol investigations, and the general delivery of law enforcement and public safety services to the citizens of Cascade County. (Special Operations Division: The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and Detention Alpha/Bravo Response Team exist to respond to serious situations that require more intense response than are normally provided by the patrol and/or detention staff.)

-Criminal Investigations Division (CID): Generally, in conjunction with the Patrol Division, CID is responsible for day-to-day law enforcement investigative operations. The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for major case planning and investigations, as well as overseeing functions within the division related to criminal intelligence and activity, including gangs, hate groups, and other factions that advocate criminal violence or violations of Montana Laws.  CID can consist of detectives specializing in General Case, Sex Crimes, SVOR, ICAC, HIDTA, Violent Crimes Task Force and Evidence Technicians.   

-Training Division: This division is responsible for all initial hiring, background investigations (staff, contractors and volunteers) and recurring training of all employees in the Sheriff/Coroner’s Office. Staffing will include personnel from both the Deputy and Detention profession. Within the constraints of budgetary limitations, the intent of the training program is to be comprehensive in nature and develop each employee from the time of hire through the entire career of each employee. 

-Adult Detention/Correctional Division: This division is responsible for the secure care of inmates legally ordered into confinement, either pre-trial or post-trial, and inmate movements. Their responsibilities are extensive, and their operational directives comply with federal, state, and local incarceration mandates.   

-Records DivisionThis division is responsible for storing records initiated by the Office; processing civil and warrant documents as required; maintaining secure operations of CJIN and NCIC systems; and management of designated clerical staff.  In addition, this division (or executive assistant) conducts three-year background checks on contractors and volunteers, driver’s license checks on odd years for Deputies and employees who drive County vehicles and even year background checks on all CCSO employees.   

-Coroner Division: The Coroner's Division has Deputy Coroner Investigators who are tasked with investigating the cause and manner of death for those who die in Cascade County and to provide timely and accurate answers to survivors with regard to the deaths of their loved ones, when possible