Lead Concerns and Testing

CCHD does not have a lab or testing services.  Click on the links below to find information on lead testing, health concerns, potential sources, and other resources.  If you believe you or your children were exposed to lead or have symptoms you believe may be associated with lead exposure, contact your health care provider.   

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/Lead - The EPA website has information on lead safety standards, potential sources of exposure, home renovations and repairs, certified lead inspectors & abatement companies, lead testing kits, and more. 

MT Department of Environmental Quality/Lead & Copper - MT DEQ regulates public drinking water systems.  Find information on lead in water, along with contacts for individuals that work under the Lead & Copper Rule in the Drinking Water Program. 

MT DPHHS/Lead Poisoning Prevention - The DPHHS website has information on health effects of lead and exposure prevention, along with contacts for the state toxicologist and environmental health epidemiologist.  

Montana Environmental Health Education & Assessment Program (MEHEA) - The MEHEA program coordinates with local, state, and federal government agencies to address environmental public health concerns.  This includes public health support at federal and state superfund sites. The major goals of this program are to help people protect themselves from site-related hazards, and importantly, help people to reduce, eliminate, or prevent exposure related health effects.  They also run the Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education Centers program.

State Environmental Health Lab - The state lab can provide information and water testing services for both public and private water supplies.  If you have a new or old well and you have concerns there may be lead or other harmful contaminants, the state lab can help you properly test your water and get you reliable results in a timely manner.  

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