Why do we issue permits?
  • To limit the number of time volunteers spend responding to non-emergency calls and instead allowing them to focus on true emergencies.
  • To prevent the unneeded response of fire departments with active lights and sirens that put them at greater risk for potential accidents.
  • To limit the number of calls placed to the emergency dispatch and other emergency personnel which reserve their efforts for true emergencies.
  • To track the locations of all approved burns in Cascade County so emergency personnel can more easily determine whether a smoke plume/fire is an emergency such as a wildfire or structural fire. By tracking approved burns, the fire department may not have to be dispatched each time smoke/fire is reported.

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1. Why do we issue permits?
2. Why are we changing the way burn permits are issued?
3. Why is there a cost now for my burn permit?
4. How do I obtain a burn permit?
5. How do I activate my burn permit?
6. What responsibilities am I assuming when I light my burn?
7. What are the possible fines?
8. When can I legally burn?
9. Where can I legally burn?
10. Who can I call if I still have questions?