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Online Crime Report


  1. 1. Report a crime online
  2. 2. Complainant / Victim Information
  3. 3. Crime Information
  4. 4. Crime Narrative
  5. 5. Suspect Information
  6. 6. Property Information
  7. 7. Vehicle Information
  8. 8. Supporting Information
  9. 9. False Report Acknowledgement
  10. 10. Authorization
  • Report a crime online

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      You may use this form if: • This is not an emergency • This is not an in-progress crime • This incident occurred either within Cascade County or within the city limits of one of our contract towns, Belt or Cascade • There was no seizable evidence left behind • You are the victim of the crime • You must have a valid e-mail address • Misdemeanor incidents only ($1,500 or less, if appliable)
    3. Limitations Acknowledgement
      I have read and understand the limitations of what may be reported through this system.