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1. What is Better Beginning Program (BB) all about?
2. How can I get help, if I’m pregnant and living in my car?
3. How can I get help if I don’t have a place to live?
4. How can I get help installing my child’s car seat?
5. What can I do of I’m pregnant and I can’t get in to see a doctor?
6. Can I get prenatal care at City-County Health Department?
7. Can I get health insurance at City-County Health Department?
8. Does Better Beginnings program help me with a crib, diapers, car seat, baby staff, etc.?
9. Can I have dental care at City-County Health Department?
10. What should I do if I am not sure if my child is developing as s/he should?
11. What do I need to bring to get on Medicaid for my pregnancy?
12. When do I need to see the OB provider?
13. What do I do to make my pregnancy healthy?
14. Is my child healthy and on track?
15. How do I know if my baby is the right weight?